Roseanne Tweeps!

Roseanne! America’s favorite real-life family is (sort of) on Twitter! Check it out :)

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Felicity Tweeps!

Felicity is a show near and dear to my heart. How epic was this show? We have a few good actors from the show…including one massively inventive Twitterer!

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The Office Tweeps!

Everyone’s favorite Thursday night show has a few Twitterers in its cast. Quality over quantity, baby!

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Gilmore Girls Tweeps!

Gilmore Girls is near and dear to my heart. The leading ladies are a bit of a Twitter mystery though (a twystery?). It looks like this is the legit Lauren Graham, talking about Guys and Dolls, Ellen, and talking to Matthew Perry. But it seems like she doesn’t even know if that’s the real Alexis Bledel (with protected updates). But don’t worry – Hep Alien and the Yale students abound on Twitter!

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Full House Tweeps!

full house
Ahh, Full House. Land of the blended family and catch phrases that survived way too long. We’re starting off the site with this show because it’s chock-full of actors on Twitter! Unfortunately the Jodie Sweetins and Olsens on Twitter seem imposters at best (how rude!)…and there are no Tuomy-Wilhoits to be found. But the other guys more than make up for it! Without further ado…

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Hello Tweeple!

I got this idea when I found myself obsessively tracking down stars of my favorite TV shows and seeing how/if they keep up with their fellow castmates. Turns out they do!

Have ideas of TV shows to track on Twitter? Wanna correct or update me? Drop me a line at tvtweeps[at]!